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  • Ebb and Flow: US Army in the Korean War
    The Center of Military History provides the entire text of this book by Billy C. Mossman. Mossman was a military historian with the 8th Army during the Korean War.
  • Eight-Inch Towed Howitzer
    Photographs of the 8-inch howitzer in Korea and Japan, 1954-56. The website is owned by veteran Michael Coyne.
  • Eighty-fourth Engineer Battalion
    All kinds of information and pictures about the "Conquerors of the Imjin".
  • Engineers in Korea
    Photos related to bridge construction, repair & demolition, courtesy of Engineer History Office, Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.
  • Engineer Group (36th)
    Ed Usonis brings you this website devoted to 36th Engineer Group Korea and World War II Army war veterans. Reconnect with old buddies, exchange news, tell old stories, etc.
  • Escalle Tribute
    This website is a tribute to US Air Force fighter pilot 2/Lt. Jimmy L. Escalle, reported missing in the Korean War.
  • Examining the Korean War
    Book reviews, oral histories, maps, and senior thesis about the Korean War.
  • Exhausting and Dirty Work
    A collection of stories from uniforms, medals, documents, and the men who earned them.  This website was created by Robert C. Mackowiak, grandson of a Korean War veteran.



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