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  • Locating Korean War Veterans
    Kathleen Hinckley, niece of Korean War veteran Daniel McKillip, provides "how to" information on locating lost military buddies.
  • LST-629
    Toshihiko Tsuchiya, a crew member of the US Navy LST-629, created this web page in an effort to locate two American crew members who befriended him during the Korean War years.


  • Maine-related website: Maine POW-MIAs & Maine Casualties
    Carl Paradis homepage with the above links, as well as other Maine-related, war-related information.
  • Marines - Brief History of the Marine Corps in the Korean War
    Self explanatory.
  • Marines - Gene's Marine Pages
    A remembrance of those who died in service to their country; Korean War animated maps; Korean album; Pusan to Chosin and return; Korean War photos by David Douglas Duncan; article, "Send in the Fire Brigade: The Road to Sachon", originally published in Leathernecks. Gene served in the USMC 12/1946; Korea - Brigade - August 2, 1950-June 1951. Retired 1966.
  • Marines – Gunny G’s Korean War-Era Marines
    See Korean War-Era Marines, an extension/satellite site of GunnyG’s Marine Website. Korean War-era Marines forum and message board, links, short overview.
  • Marines (1-7)
    The site is dedicated to all Marines and Corpsmen who served in the 1st Battalion Seventh Marines during the Korean War 1950-53. In addition to the home page, the site provides information on past and future reunions, a roster of members, a page dedicated to 1-7 MOH holders, an "I Remember" page, a Roll of Honor page dedicated to those who made the supreme sacrifice, a bulletin board and photo page. The site is still under construction, particularly the Roll of Honor, the I Remember, and the Photo pages.
  • Maritime Quest
    Michael Pocock's excellent website provides ship histories and photographs of destroyers, frigates, carriers, passengers, yachts, and many more types of sailing vessels.  In addition, the site offers a "Miscellaneous" page which features private and public collections of photos and data associated with sailing vessels and the personnel who were on them.  It also offers an "In the News" page which provides information about vessels in the news.  Another feature of the site is an amazing database of names and information about more than 15,000 vessels.
  • Massacres—Links to Resources
    Go to Asia: Korea on this website to find links to information about Kwangju, Nogunri, Daejon, Suwon, Masan (Kokan-ri), Dok-do, Cheju, and the Hangang Bridge.
  • Maxwell Airforce Base, Historical Section
  • MCB-10 Guam/Kwajalein Seabees Korean War Home Site
    Bob Markey’s site. Information, photographs, stories, links.
  • Medical - Battle Casualties & Medical Statistics:US Army Experience in the KWar
    The complete text of Frank A. Reister’s book – an excellent resource to gain understanding about the (Army) medical aspect of the Korean War.
  • Medical – 14th Field Hospital, Pusan, Korea
    A website about the Army medical career of Cpl. Ernest Charles Hampton Sr., who served from 1952-54. Photographs, information, etc.
  • Medical – Navy Corpsman
    Keep scrolling down to "Navy" on this list of websites.
  • Medical - The Army Medical Department in the Korean War
    Includes four volumes of "Battle Casualties in Korea:Studies of the Surgical Research Team", as well as medical studies on the Korean War associated with everything from the immediate care given to combat casualties to the venereal disease problem. Another excellent resource!
  • Memories of Korea
    Written by Robert J. (Bob) Garner, Sgt. Service Battery, 2nd Ammo Section, 196th FAB. Includes photo gallery.
  • Mesothelioma Cancer and Veterans
    Asbestosnews.com is a site dedicated to providing news and information on mesothelioma, asbestosis, and other respiratory conditions caused by asbestos exposure. Veterans who served between the 1930s and 1970s faced a high-risk of asbestos exposure, particularly Navy veterans.
  • Military Aviation Memorabilia – Korea
    Nice article and pictures concerning "Gabby" Gabreski, highest scoring ace of the ETO and ace of World War II and Korea. There is a section called "Military Aviation Memorabilia – Korea" on this website.
  • Military Police – 720th MP Association
    Reunion information, history of the battalion, related sites, etc.
  • Mine-clearing Operations in Korea
    Facts and photos about the dangerous job of clearing mines from the coastal waters around Korea.
  • Mine Warfare in Korea
    From Frenchman Leon C. Rochotte’s point of view, learn about information on the Inchon Invasion and mine warfare in Korea. Rochotte served aboard the frigate "LaGrandiere".

**Missing in Action:
  • Korean War MIA Next of Kin Contact Project
    A website whose goal is to find the next of kin of Korean War MIAs to add them to a national database as part of an effort to identify recovered remains.
  • Personnel Missing – Korea
    An official Department of Defense Korean War Resource to find America’s Korean War Missing in Action – by last name, branch of service & home of record.
  • Missionaries – The Theodora Wangerin Collection
    The manuscript collection of Theodora & Rufus Wangerin, 7th Day Adventist missionaries in Korea, includes published and unpublished documents and stories, manuscripts, clippings, etc., related to the history of Korea, Christian influences, culture, and military activities during the Korean War. The collection is in the holdings of the Adventist Heritage Center, James White Library, Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI.
  • Modern History Sourcebook
    See the Korean War section for: "On American Intervention in Korea" and "Report of the United Nations Commission on Korea."
  • Montana Korean War Memorial
    Photos and information about the state veteran’s memorial rose garden, Missoula, MT.
  • Mosquitos
    The Mosquitos were the 6147th Tactical Control Group that served in Korea. This web site gives its history, membership information, and reunion details.
  • My Dad is a Vet
    A website in memory of US Army Airborne veteran, Rosendo Beloz.

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