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  • USAF Museum Korean War History Gallery
    Facts about the US Air Force’s role in Korea, including a timeline, bombings, tactical warfare, POWs, aces, photographs, and much more.
  • USAF Security Forces Virtual Museum
    The USAF Police Alumni Association is seeking former Air Force policemen.  View this website to learn more.
  • United States Army in the Korean War
    Truce Tent & Fighting Front
    This is the second of five volumes in the series "US Army in the Korean War." It is written by Walter G. Hermes. Readers can click on any desired chapter of the book for detailed information about the Korean War.
  • United States Constabulary
    A website about the US Army of Occupation in Germany and Austria, 1946-1952. Reunion information, association officers, guest books.
  • US Army Center of Military History
    This is such an excellent website! There is comprehensive information to be found on the Center for Military History’s "Remembering the Korean War" page. On it you will find: official histories, Korean War commemoration brochures, art and images, Korean War posters, text extracts from Korean War posters, Medal of Honor recipients, a brief summary of the war’s campaigns, and much more.
  • US Army in the Korean War: Policy & Decision the First Year
    Limited combat under the threat of nuclear holocaust. This is an article by James F. Schnabel.
  • US Army in the Korean War: South to the Naktong, North to the Yalu (June-November 1950)
    The definitive historical account for this period, written by Roy E. Appleman.
  • US Embassy, Seoul, Korea
    Biographical data, speech texts, press briefings, etc.
  • US Forces-Korea
    This web site focuses on the USFK mission, major organizations, personnel units, etc. in Korea today.
  • USA Out of Korea Committee
    The site URL for a website under construction. It is operated by a group that believes the United States needs to get out of Korea.
  • USMC Combat Helicopter Association
    This group has changed its name and scope from the USMC Vietnam Helicopter Association to the USMC Combat Helicopter Association. They have added the Korean War and other USMC conflicts to their website.
  • USS Pueblo – A Tribute
    Mark Evert’s tribute to the crew of the USS Pueblo. This ship was captured after the cease fire took effect. During the incident, one American life was lost. See also: http://www.usspueblo.org.


  • VanFleet, General James A. Tribute Page
    The 29th Field Artillery Regiment Association provides this tribute to General VanFleet. It includes an overview of his career, a biography, and a photo.
  • VA Watchdog
    The VA Watchdog has a wealth of information of use to Korean War veterans--everything from VA claims to phony "wannabee" veterans.
  • VFW Post 7591 Korean War Memorial Page
    Information about Task Force Smith and other Korean War-related material can be found on this website created by VFW Post 7591, Madison, Wisconsin.


  • War Eagles Museum
    This website offers information on a museum in Santa Teresa, New Mexico that preserves World War II and Korean War-era aircraft.
  • West New York Genealogy
    The site offers a list of men and women from Western New York area who died in the Korean War. The names are from the Buffalo News Almanac of 1954.
  • West Point Atlas
    The course of the war described in 13 maps from the US Military Academy.
  • Who Won the Korean War?
    A brief look at the question, "Who won the Korean War?"
  • Wolfhound Raiders
    An extract from "Gung Ho" magazine and two chapters from "About Face" regarding the daring Wolfhounds of the Korean War.
  • Wolfhounds
    The history of the 27th Infantry Regiment 1945-1962. "Kolchak" is the name of the Russian Wolfhound that has been a mascot of the 27th Infantry for decades.



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